Kelly Jones has been a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in the Fitness Industry for the past 15 years, primarily at Nike, Inc. Kelly was also a national presenter for Body Training Systems, with their Group Kick and Group Power programs. Kelly traveled the world training instructors how to be better instructors! Kelly also worked for Nike, Inc. as a Group Fitness Instructor where she taught Sculpt, Boot Camp, Spin, Step and Kick Boxing. Kelly is FANTASTIC, and will be honest and real with her advice and her approach to your fitness plans and goals. Kelly now works for Nike as an executive assistant providing her input and valuable industry experience to designers, marketing teams, and apparel teams. From firsthand experience Kelly believes that consistency with workouts AND nutrition will get you the results you want. If you are serious about change, trust Kelly’s wisdom and experience. Apply her suggestions about workouts and nutrition and finally see the transformation in your body that you want to see!